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Makes a Difference Awards

Nomination Deadline - November 30

These awards are presented each year to honor those people who make a difference every day in Georgia’s veterinary clinics - the technicians and assistants. Many veterinarians rely on the dedication and commitment of these professionals to provide excellent care to your patients. If you have someone on staff that regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty to make your practice better each and every day, we encourage you to nominate them for one of these awards.

Eligibility Requirements - Veterinary Technicians must be registered veterinary technicians licensed in the state of Georgia and Veterinary Assistants may be hospital-trained.

Award Presentation - Award recipients will be selected by a committee based on the information provided on this application. The award will be presented at the recipient’s hospital/clinic by a representative of the GVMA. Winners will be featured in a future issue of The Georgia Veterinarian.

Download a nomination form here.

Call the GVMA at 678-309-9800 for more information.

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